Flame (Wood burning)

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Flame – Wood-burning version
As it’s name implies, this FireBlades design is based on the shape of a flame, resulting in an organic, cozy style that is as at home in a rustic homestead as it is in a contemporary space.

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FireBlades are designed by Craig de Necker, one of South Africa’s most celebrated garden landscape designers. They are the result of over a decade of experience designing fire pits and designer outdoor spaces.

FireBlades capture the essence of what we think a fire pit should be: beautiful, simple and elegant.

There are many different styles of FireBlades to suit almost any personal taste and individual style.

Please Note:
Fire pits are inherently dangerous and as such should only be used outdoors, away from children and flammable materials. The heat generated by a fire pit can easily burn, crack, discolour or otherwise damage the surface underneath. For this reason, a suitable surface such as gravel, soil or a dedicated area which you don’t mind damaging should be used on which to place your FireBlades. Rust can mark the underlying surface. We can in no way be responsible or liable for any damage caused by placing or using our products on an unsuitable surface as the placement of the product is under the sole control of the user.

FireBlades are designed for outdoor use and are subjected to extreme temperatures as well as exposure to the elements. All finishes may discolor in areas in which the fire is in contact and the special heat-resistant paint used on the painted mild steel version will flake off around the center of the fire base plate as this area is in direct contact with the hottest part of the fire, subjecting the plate to temperatures beyond that which paint can endure. However, the outer edges of the fire base plate and the blades around the fire pit should remain well within the limits of the paint.

Corten steel will rust over time but unlike normal mild steel, it creates a protective rust layer, resulting in a beautiful patina developing the more it is used. Due to the protective rust layer, this is also suitable for coastal conditions.

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Corten Steel – Rusted, Mild Steel – Painted, Stainless Steel – Brushed